You’re having second thoughts about your relationship with Amazon.

Your products get negative reviews thanks to counterfeit items sold by third party sellers. 
Your pricing is a frequent victim of Amazon and Walmart’s price wars.
Amazon steals data from YOUR sales to launch their own competing products.
Amazon’s tremendous buying power leaves you with little, if any, profit.

You’re having second thoughts about your relationship with Amazon.

“Amazon has conspired with technology and [a] billion consumers to destroy brands.”
Scott Galloway,
Founder, Gartner L2

Birkenstock knows it.

That’s why they “pulled the plug” with Amazon in 2016.

PopSockets knew it too.

In CEO David Barnett’s words, “We will not be strong armed into a relationship that’s increasingly one sided.”
And you know it.

And now YOU can leave Amazon too – without hurting your sales.

Because you have Altriga.
An e-commerce platform that gives the reins back to you.

 How Altriga Helps You Regain Control 

Grow Your Revenue with Brand Controlled Pricing
Because YOU control the pricing, you won’t suddenly find your revenue dropping steeply due to platform price cuts.
No Third Party Sellers
Only genuine, verified brands will be allowed onto the platform.
Products Stay in Your Possession
You are merely renting space in our warehouse and letting us take care of the shipping. The products remain in your possession until they are shipped to the buyer.
Get Paid Right Away
No 60 or 120 day payment terms. As soon as there is a sale the payment will be sent to your bank account.
Direct Access to Consumers and Data
Altriga is a direct to consumer channel. You’ll have access to all the information and data we get.
Make Your Customers Happy
Altriga will provide express shipping, ensuring satisfied customers. Plus, we’ll provide customer service for all shipping and order issues.
The only list-building strategy you need.

Elastic describes the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing sales pipeline.

“Amazon is like a drug. A drug that promises you quick sales in a short period of time while making you addicted to and dependent on their marketplace.”
Steve Chou
Bumblebee Linens
Brand equity is your ultimate power in a crowded marketplace. 
But Amazon is STEALING your control of your brand. And things are only getting worse.
Altriga will allow you to get off Amazon while still maintaining your reach of online consumers.

Yeah, Amazon isn’t great for your brand. But does that matter if your consumers love it? 

Here’s a surprise: many of your consumers feel just as “iffy” about Amazon as you do!

Many buyers have received counterfeit – and potentially harmful – knockoff products from 3rd party sellers. And they’re getting wary.
In world of specialist and artisanal products, Amazon feels generic.
Consumers in 2019 care a LOT about things like brand mission, values and sustainability. And Amazon is coming under increasing scrutiny for unethical practices.
Buyers feel that Amazon is invading their personal space, as they gather data from inside people’s homes thanks to Echo and Alexa.

Amazon is moving into the role of “the 800-pound gorilla in the retail space” that Walmart once filled.”

Ted Marzilli, CEO of Data Products at YouGov, leader of the BrandIndex business unit

And nobody likes the bullying gorilla. 

Altriga will let you to get off Amazon and give all these skeptical consumers an alternative marketplace for better quality and a more reliable online shopping experience.

The convenience of Amazon – without the risks to your brand. 

How it works:

The convenience of Amazon – without the risks to your brand.
Apply to become a verified brand on Altriga.
Upload your product listings and pricing.
Ship your products to the Altriga warehouse.
Consumers purchase your products
Altriga’s logistics partner fulfills the orders.
Funds are immediately transferred to your account.

Altriga can disrupt the online consumer market in a big way.

With your help, we will reach all those buyers and get them off Amazon – and onto this platform.
Brands will have the ability to gradually transfer more of their sales to Altriga, and away from Amazon and
Altriga will be featured in brand commercials as the place to purchase your brand goods.
Since Altriga will be like your own platform, you will promote it just the way you would promote your own website.
Counterfeit products reported on Amazon since May 2016.
The Counterfeit Report (TCR)
Major manufacturers who think Amazon will NOT be a big source of sales for them.
US shoppers likely to switch to a different brand for ethical reasons
Dropping Amazon cold turkey sounds daunting. 
But think of it as an addiction – the only way to break away is to get off it completely. It might be difficult in the beginning. Until the word is spread and the consumer base grows, you may not achieve the same amount of sales you got on Amazon.
You’ll have direct relationships with your customers.
Your prices will be stable – and your revenue will grow.
You’ll return to your roots as a quality, independent brand.

Join Altriga.

Master your e-commerce destiny.
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