Can’t I simply sell straight from my own website?
Of course you can. But the problem Altriga is addressing is the millions of online customers you’ll lose by leaving Amazon. We will redirect those customers to the Altriga platform. And of course, we’ll take the headache of warehouse storage, fulfillment with shipping, and customer service.  
What kind of charges will there be for listing and fulfillment?
Basic fulfillment cost plus a small referral fee. 
What will the cost be for the express shipping service?
Once we have more details settled and we’re ready to launch, we will let you know.
Can I get paid for all the inventory at once?
Altriga is YOUR platform – you are selling the products directly to the consumer. That’s what makes it so powerful; you own every product until the buyer pays for it. Altriga merely does the hosting, logistics and customer support.
So no, you will not sell us large quantities, the way you do with other retailers, but when you do sell the items, you’ll be getting a much larger profit margin. 
When do you expect to launch?
We hope to be up and running by mid 2019
How many brands will be on board when you launch?
You are part of our initial scope. Once this first phase is over, we’ll know more.  
How will you be advertising to make sure customers are pushed to the site?
Before we launch, we’ll run a heavy marketing campaign. In addition, each brand on Altriga will put the Altriga logo on all their ads and commercials with the words, “Available at”

So How Does It Work?

1. Apply to become a verified brand on Altriga.
2. Upload your product listings and pricing.
3. Ship your products to the Altriga warehouse.
4. Consumers purchase your products.
5. Altriga’s fulfills the orders with express shipping.
6. Funds are immediately transferred to your account.

Do you have any other questions?

Shoot us a message and we will get back to you with all the details.

We look forward to speaking with you!

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Works with AZEXO page builder