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What is Altriga?

Altriga is a New Direct to Consumer E-Commerce Marketplace and Logistics Management Company that solves many of the problems brands experience with e-commerce giants like Amazon and Walmart.
Altriga solves the problems of price and ranking manipulation, Private Label and counterfeit competition, and negative reviews from counterfeit merchandise. By allowing brands complete control of their pricing, agreeing to never sell private label merchandise, and not allow third-parties on the platform to eliminate counterfeit issues, Altriga plans to give strength and profitability back to brands. The elimination of third-party sellers will also benefit the consumer in that they will no longer be deceived by counterfeiters and as an important addition, Altriga will agree to keep consumer data confidential.

Why Altriga?

Many brands are leaving E-Commerce Marketplace giants like Amazon and are forced to go direct to consumers through their own websites.
Altriga has identified two problems with this. Firstly, brands miss out on all the additional traffic that a marketplace can provide, and secondly, consumers find it inconvenient to create multiple online accounts to purchase from the thousands of brands online. Enter Altriga, where brands can benefit from the higher traffic of a marketplace and offer their consumers more convenience than their current e-commerce website.
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