When the internet opened up for e-commerce, it seemed like a dream come true. Now brands could reach millions of customers from all over the world. And when Amazon grew big, it seemed even better – simply by joining the platform, a brand like yours had access to all the customers who came onto Amazon.

But then Amazon got too big for its britches.

What’s your power? Your brand equity. People see your name on a product, and they know they’ll be getting the good stuff. But Amazon is STEALING that value from you. It’s leeching your brand’s lifeblood like a slow, but very effective, vampire.

We know all about it, because we’ve been in the e-commerce line for years.

And we’ve seen the progressively worse treatment brands are getting from Amazon. Brands joined Amazon to get exposure to their huge market. And because it was the easiest way to go big online. But with each passing year, Amazon strong armed them into a weaker and weaker position. It really got to us. So many strong brands losing decades of work in one fell swoop.
That’s why we decided to do something about it.
“People are letting Amazon treat them like helpless internet newbies,” I thought, “Let’s get these brands to say ‘goodbye’ to the shabby treatment.
Let’s create a new, improved e-commerce marketplace.”
We took everything about Amazon that was ruining brands – namely, pricing wars, third party sellers, and lack of customer data – and made a business model that eliminated those issues.
We want Altriga to become
synonymous with “better quality,
more reliable e-commerce marketplace.”
We want you to have brand control, and consumers to know they’re getting genuine products. And we want to watch your brand springs back to life.

Join the Revolution!

Make Altriga your platform.
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